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La Chiesetta di Villa San Vigilio 


Punta San Vigilio lies at the tip of Monte Baldo and stretches far into the lake, exactly at the point where the lake is at its widest and most open: from there you overlook more or less the whole of lake Garda.

The small headland is dominated by Reinaissance Villa, built during the XVI Century by the will of the jurisconsult and humanist Agostino Brenzoni. The construction of the complex, entrusted to the Veronese architect Michele Sanmicheli, sees its conclusion in 1540. 

“in This location there is no knowledge either of the strong December or of the horrible February: bay-tree, myrtles, oranges and aloe spontaneously flourish. The building on top of the hill, of Sammicheli, has a stacked loggia that dominates all around. maybe the most celebrated parts of ancient Greece or Italy never had a view more charming”

Canon Marai, late ‘700.


The mild climate favours the growth of many Mediterranean plants, which frame the Villa and making it a hymn to a contemplative life. The garden that surrounds the main building has plenty of cypresses, olive trees and lemon trees, the typical vegetation of the Garda area, and has also Agave and Oleander, evergreens that bring and eternal spring atmosphere.


Two separate testimonies coexist here: one is pagan, consisting of a collection of Roman statues that adorns the garden, with numerous inscriptions, in Latin and in Italian, the other is Christian composed by a small church. 


 At the centre of the floor are located two sepulchral slabs of Agostino and his companion, testifying the will of being buried in the place he loved so much.

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