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Villa San Vigilio 

The Villa opens its gates to make you live in a timeless fairy tale, where the seasons do not exist and dreams come together.


San Vigilio is a historical villa built in the 14th century and located in the lake of Garda. Since its opening, it has always been considered a place full of culture. Agostino Brenzoni, the owner of the villa, was an intellectual who dedicated his life in writing poems and collecting art from the classics. 

The ancient garden, in front of the main building, decorated with all kinds of flowers and plants, has been for centuries a place for parties and balls. 

Nowadays Villa San Vigilio is considered one of the most beautiful place in Veneto and an example of Renaissance architecture in Italy. 


scopri la villa

Villa San Vigilio, thanks to the charm of the Renaissance villa, the enchanting gardens and the splendid natural scenery of the Lake Garda that frames it, will welcome your guests, adding more magic to the most beautiful day of your life.



Punta San Vigilio 37016 (VR)

Tel +39.331.130.49.14


Sanvigilio1520 S.r.l.

P.IVA: 04671380238 

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